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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Numbers and numbers in the cosmos...

For those who like numbers. Also for those who hate them, you may enjoy these songs as well. They are simply Great!. It is a pity not listening to this verses with their beautiful melodious music. Here, by now, are some fragments of two of Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio's songs (these do not come from ORE's latest production, I know; but they are among my favourites) which so much inspired me.

Indeed things of no worth are the ones which have the quality (the misfortune) to best endure through the ages; when some foul corrupted materialism governs our world, still the different ones hold on to our faith, wanting our memory to prevail inside our children's minds, and we, the most blasphemous, happen to be the ones with some spirituality. You may notice some vanity or egotism in these verses. There they are, indeed, but there are also signs from outer worlds: The worlds of sin and lust may be also the worlds for Love. And the possibilities for love are infinite... Somewhere Between Equilibrium and Nihilism.

Confide in me and tell me, why the worthless never die
And tell to me my darling, why we cast our pearls to swine
Please come to me and show me, why the dead refuse to bleed
Why nothing lasts forever, and the past can’t be retrieved
I am the alpha and the omega; I am the beginning and the end.
I am the answer I am the enigma; I am the flame which never ends
Are we living just for pleasure, or for reasons yet unknown?
Let us realize our secrets, when we reach into my soul
Let my dreams be remembered, when I lay down not to sleep
Hell is where the heart is, it’s a place for you and me
("Hell Is Where The Heart Is" from Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio's album Satyriasis...)
One, is for liberty
Two, is for evil
Three, is an orgy
Four, is forever.
There are circles of forever, made of fire made of stone
There are circles of a lifetime, made of silver made of gold
Five, is a star
Six, is for the beast inside
Seven, is for the plunging of gods
Eight, is where it all begins again....
("Three Is An Orgy And Four Is Forever" from Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio's album Satyriasis...)

Hoping you enjoy this poetry as I do, I'm looking forward to uploading soon some of ORE's music to some hosting-site.

Greetings from Alexis.

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